Most Powerful Anti-Vax Presentation Yet: Senate Hearing on Deadly Vaccines

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Most Powerful Anti-Vax Presentation Yet: Senate Hearing on Deadly Vaccines

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Most Powerful Anti-Vax Presentation Yet: Senate Hearing on Deadly Vaccines
Andrew Anglin January 26, 2022

Ron Johnson this week did an amazing Senate hearing with expert doctors from all kinds of different fields talking about the side effects of the vaccines.

It was entitled “A Second Opinion” (which I think is the perfect name).

These vaccines are doing a lot more than causing heart problems – I can tell you that.

We’re talking about a massive explosion in cancers and immune system disorders. There’s a 1000% increase in neurological problems.

The media didn’t cover this at all.

Fox News didn’t cover it.

This is incredible.

It really does look like this is a plan to slowly kill off massive numbers of people over the course of 5-1o years, from basically every different type of cause. The spike protein basically poisons every part of the body.

I recommend watching the whole thing. I know we imagine Senate hearings as boring, but there was no part of this that bored me. It was like machine gun fire.

Here are the lineup timestamps:

0:00 – Introduction by Senator Ron Johnson

10:23 – Dr. Peter A McCullough

16:39 – Dr. Ryan Cole

20:25 – Dr. Harvey Risch

27:12 – Dr. Pierre Kory

37:46 – Dr. Richard Urso

46:32 – Dr. Peter A McCullough starts the section on early home treatment suppression

47:40 – Dr. Christina Parks

53:11 – Dr. Mary Bodin

58:11 – Dr. Harpal Mangat

1:00:49 – Dr. Paul Marak

1:09:48 – Dr. Aaron Kheriaty

1:16:39 – Dr. Robert Malone

1:23:58 – Dr. David Wiseman

1:29:00 – Dr. Mary Bodin on Black population-specific vaccine effects

1:32:47 – Dr. Urso gives thanks for opportunity

1:33:04 – Dr. Jay Bhattacharya recaps the Great Barrington Declaration

1:41:30 – Open Discussion

3:59:50 – Nurse Jennifer Bridges fighting mandates after seeing adverse reactions

4:34:39 – Dr. Robert Malone on COVID vaccine concerns with children

4:43:10 – Registered Nurse Nicole Sirotek’s story from the front lines

4:52:42 – Conclusion
For those short on time, here are a couple of choice clips.

Dr. Ryan Cole ... EZaiKL.mp4

Dr. Robert Malone ... 4y2gJq.mp4

Dr. Aaron Kheriarty ... tEag3s.mp4

Dr. Paul Marik ... mwYiE4.mp4

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya ... npiZ7G.mp4

Attorney Thomas Renz (military attorney) ... Q2Kxi7.mp4

Dr. Richard Urso ... mzj6FX.mp4

Nurse Nicole Sirotek ... Xqj3Yj.mp4

Dr. Pierre Kory ... uZ8t51.mp4

Dr. Harvey Risch ... 8l6mj3.mp4

Ron Johnson introduces all of them with their degrees, accolades and professional histories. None of these people are kooks. They are all completely normal professionally – the only difference is that they are willing to sacrifice their careers in order to tell the truth.

There is no possible way that this vaccine is not designed to kill people.

It doesn’t work for its stated purpose, as is admitted by all of the experts. So if it was about money, they could have done something different, that didn’t have all of these side effects.

This is some kind of depopulation program.

That is the only possible explanation.

They are doing this on purpose.


I think Senator Johnson’s hearing this week is probably the single most powerful presentation about just how bad this actually is. Not one single person involved in this sounds like a kook. They all are very clearly professionals, simply laying out data in an objective manner.

The reason these people are all so obsessed with getting you to take this vaccine is that they want to remove the control group. They want everyone dying of different random things, over a period of a decade or so, and they do not want a control group where people can say “hey, those people that didn’t take the vaccine don’t seem to be dying like this.”

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