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Before leaving Quora, Peter Taradash posted this message

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Before leaving Quora, Peter Taradash posted this message :

Peter Taradash Articles are Found on Google
Peter Taradash has about 1,000 answers on QUORA.COM and also on Facebook and twitter as Pugi Galante . He has written many books & reports.

Reader Scholarship Offer

Wealthy people seldom if ever start out with the idea “I will or want to make $1 million (or whatever).

They start with the idea of creating &/or marketing some product or service.

Then they do it. Even then, only in a small minority of cases, do they make serious money.

The sad fact is that over 90% of new businesses fail because people without experience or

role models don’t have a clue. Many people (including myself) got their original inspiration

& instruction from “How to” books like mine.

Next: Almost nobody makes serious money by merely “investing.”

The few examples of people who blindly invested a small sum in crypto-currencies,

stocks or a rare coin and then profited immensely by selling

​(before the ​price collapsed​) amount to anomalies — blind luck — as with lottery winners.

I made big money in half a dozen separate businesses. Why? Because I had gained some special expertise, knew what I was doing, and was persistent at it. Simple! Read my books and you will learn how to do it too.

Can you make money “trading?” Yes! But only if you know enough to buy at a price below what you can simultaneously sell at. This is called “arbitrage.”

During my own progress as an entrepreneur and after I retired, I wrote extensively about my experiences. You can acquire my best and most important “milestone” books for a mere pittance — ($100), as explained here:

Please note that I am an 80-year-old geezer with a portable PC, and this is a one-man operation.

So don’t assume you are dealing with a big outfit. I use a different pen name for every

book I write. Just to clear up any confusion, I as Pugi Galante, W.G. Hill, Peter Taradash, Peter Trevellian or Placebo Domingo either wrote, ghost wrote, or did a

major edit/re-write of the books/reports described here.

I am in SE Asia now(March 2018) with excellent email –after a month on a cruise ship without dependable email on board. This is my annual escape from Monte Carlo’s winter months.

Hopefully, my experiences and “how to” books may be of help to you. You will get immediate delivery by digital download.

As you are probably not flush with cash, I will give you a special “Quora Scholarship” (just made that up for you!)… What’s that?

You can/will get ALL my best books, reports & goodies at a 90% discount package deal. Plus, many freebies

I have some useful books and special reports, about making money –– written earlier in my life.

These include: Portable Trades & Occupations, Think Like A Tycoon & assorted “reports & articles” . . .

They focus on enjoying life more, HOW TO MAKE money — & HOW TO preserve it.

My longest book, the 3 volume, 5 kilogram (yet easy reading) ByeBye Big Brother was written after I had made more than enough to retire for several lifetimes…

It is more for those who have serious assets already and want to get away from regulations, lawsuits, ex-wives, etc.

Still, I am sure there are secrets & ideas in BBBB that you can use them immediately to

make more money and preserve the capital you have…

I understand that you probably don’t have a lot of cash to spare. That’s why you get my special “Quora Scholarship”.

I will send you all of my best stuff for a 90% discount, just send me a total of €100 (net to me) via pay pal.

Let me know by email if you want to order this package.

I will then give you my pay pal address or Crypto Wallet.

My mailing address here is NOT my pay pal address.

You need to ask me for my Pay Pal address (or Bitcoin

Wallet) if you want to take advantage of this offer.

Upon receipt of your intentions, I will be happy to immediately dispatchan incredible package of goodies & surprises

to you for only €100 total net to me. This is the package deal:

BBBB, €100 alone, Portable Trades & Occupations, €100 alone Think Like A Tycoon €100 alone & assorted other goodies, ( worth well over €1000) plus later, you will get (for free) my email reply to any questions you may have — after you have read and started to implement my material.

For my American buyers: A Euro € is usually worth slightly more than a dollar $. After I send your stuff out (usually same day as funds received) & after you have used my ideas, I will look forward to hearing how things worked out for you. I will answer any questions you have.

I don’t ever send out my goodies “free.” WHY?

Because recipients who pay nothing; value what they receive at exactly what they pay! Nada.

At least for €100 you will read and probably act on (and benefit from) the information.

In my experience you’ll apply my good ideas only if you have paid something for them!

If you want only Think Like A Tycoon (how to get rich in real estate), that would be €100- net to me via pay pal. I suggest you go for “scholarship package” & get an extra €2000 worth of goodies for free .

I am sure you will get enough new ideas & motivation to act on the information you get from me. The real worth of the package is at least 20 times the price.

Looking forward to hearing from you — Then, in a few months, getting the news of how you are doing! I will then answer a few questions for you — if you have any! Book buyers can also ask for and get (no additional cost) my extensive questionnaire and the guidance that goes with it.

Pay Pal has bigger charges (to YOU) when you purchase something “commercial,” and smaller charges when you designate your payment as a “gift” or repayment of debt — Anything but a commercial purchase. How you handle is up to you. It’s no big deal, only a few € either way.

I need €100 NET of all charges… Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies are accepted.

Ask for my pay pal address or Bitcoin wallet…

Best wishes, <[email protected] > a/k/a Grandpa

PS: You will get the “package deal” plus an assortment of what I regard as the most useful material for you. Below is the pretty much complete list of BOOKS BY GRANDPA.

If there is anything else on this list you want, just let me know. No charge if already digitized. Pete

+++++ +++++++ ++++++++ ++++++++++

THE MOST POPULAR BOOKS BY GRANDPA, 2017 (Forget the retail list prices below.} Everything is included with the package deal)

Think Like A Tycoon: How to make money in real estate, digital edition. Free with the “Historic Collection” of the Complete Works of Hill, Trevellian, Taradash, Green and other P.T. Authors ALL at €[email protected] See * Below for description.

Bye Bye Big Brother BBBB, available in a deluxe autographed edition of 3 hard-copy, leatherette bound volumes weighing nearly 6 kilograms. €550 includes shipping postpaid to anywhere in the world. How and when to leave your home country?- Where to go? Order direct –> <[email protected]> & cc to < [email protected]>

—– And guess what? I’ll immediately send you €2,000 worth of surprises and really valuable bonuses as digital downloads. You will have great reading matter and useful information. Priceless! Purchase of the €550 printed edition of BBBB includes a lengthy email conference on PT matters with Grandpa (Value €3,500) at no extra charge. This book is a 1st Edition collector’s item and autographed copies have been priced at over €1000 on Amazon.

A Download Copy of the valuable “Grandpa’s Resource List” valued at €500 is available free as a bonus (upon request) to all paid up owners of BBBB (any version).

Purchase of the abridged printed edition includes a short email conference on PT matters with Grandpa (Value €500) at no extra charge.

Another collector item is

The Complete Historic works of W.G. Hill and Peter on CD.*

List Price postpaid €100. This includes the famous out of print collector’s 1985 Classic Edition of the original “P.T.

Digital Download alone – same price, €100

*P.T. Book by W.G. Hill and Harry Schultz. Grandpa has a limited stock of this very educational CD as “the Historic Collection.” This explains how things used to be 10-20-30 years ago. If you can think like a PT, it will help you predict and understand what is coming next! €100 alone.

Also included on this CD—* How To Become an Honorary Diplomat- original price €1,000 per copy, with a guarantee of diplomatic appointment. Or, €100 alone as a “do it yourself” project.

*The Invisible Investor –“How to get your money out of your country before your country gets it out of you.” €100-alone

Plus ask for bonus –several Special Reports- “Grandpa Gems,” You can get a lot of free articles by looking for Taradash on Quora, Twitter or Facebook.”

Surprises you will enjoy and learn from!

New Book P.T.O.O., Portable Trades & Offshore Opportunities – Digital Download – list price €100 alone Inquire. Ready for delivery as a digital download. How to make more than enough money to be self-supporting. Live anywhere in the world/No college degrees or licenses required. Usually little or no money needed to start earning money in your own enterprise.

How to Get Legal Residence in the Tax Haven of CAMPIONE List Price €100 …For the cost of renting an apartment in Campione d’ Italia, you can get an ID card and lifetime Swiss driving license. This allows you to travel anywhere in Europe as the equivalent of a dual citizen of Italy and Switzerland. Visas to anywhere are easy to get for Campione residents. Digital Download copies available now. Includes free short e-mail question/conference regarding Campione. Price €100-

Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies are accepted. Ask for my pay pal address or Bitcoin wallet…


The entire package deal…is only the price of a good dinner for two: €100 NET.

If you use just one of the hundreds of ideas in my books and reports, you should make far more than €100!

Reply to: **<[email protected]>* * This is NOT my pay pal address* –ask for it —

when you have decided to get in on my €100 “special package deal for EVERYTHING”….


Best wishes,

Peter Taradash a/k/a <[email protected]>
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