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List of the latest updated books from Peter Taradash

Posted: Sun Apr 18, 2021 1:30 pm
by LaurentG
PT – 'Permanent Tourist': The Path to Prosperity & Safeguarding Private Wealth Kindle Edition
by Dr. Peter Taradash (Author), Jonathan D. Braswell (Editor)

'Permanent Tourist', or PT, is a mindset. These extraordinary ideas make up a philosophy and a unique way of approaching your lifestyle and your business.

We are living in a time unlike anything we’ve seen before in history:

– Bankrupt governments are printing money and shouldering unsustainable amounts of debt like never before at an accelerating pace

– The world economy is becoming more and more interconnected through the internet and globalization

– Options for protecting your wealth and your livelihood are not limited by borders or national boundaries

When considering the risks and threats to your money or freedom, it makes sense to have a secure Plan B in modern times to ensure you and your family can thrive even if the social, economic, or political climate changes suddenly in your home country. There is absolutely zero downside to having a backup plan to keep your family and your assets safe.

In recent years, and especially since the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, our world and society have fundamentally changed. Governments are extending their reach and placing harsh restrictions on their own citizens. The stock market is hitting all time highs at the same time that unemployment soars to levels not seen since the Great Depression. A select few wealthy are consolidating power and influence over the masses. Social unrest and political divisiveness drive people toward violence, protests, rioting, and vandalism of property.

Now with the emergence of the developing world and a business environment that's increasingly interconnected, it's the perfect situation for an entrepreneur or investor with the proper foresight and planning to capitalize on the opportunities taking place in emerging markets. The next century will be dominated by those with the risk tolerance to see the potential of investing globally.

As an expert consultant, Jonathan Braswell is helping entrepreneurs and investors to move abroad and execute their own plan for moving a residence overseas, establishing a foreign company, offshore bank accounts, acquiring real estate, and setting up in a new country. Use these ideas to grow your money and your business by living, investing, banking, and doing business abroad. Jonathan will show you a new way of viewing the world and arranging your financial interests. Use his help to build your own customized plan for success.

After traveling extensively and researching practical ways to apply the ideas of the ‘Permanent Tourist Lifestyle’, Jonathan has published an unprecedented book using his own experiences and those of his friend and mentor, Peter Taradash, who is now retired in Monaco and originally ‘wrote the book’ on being a PT. Peter has lived offshore as an entrepreneur for over 50 years, exploring dozens of different countries in his career.

The purpose of becoming a Permanent Tourist is to give entrepreneurs and investors a different way of living, investing, and doing business that can help them legally pay less in tax, live in an amazing new place that they love spending time in, and enjoy a more stress-free, vibrant lifestyle.

This book is not a one-size-fits-all solution nor is it meant to be, and is meant for general education only. You should always consult a professional to be certain each step in your plan is 100% legitimate and legal for your specific needs.

However, PT will open your eyes to the possibilities of what’s out there. The book is filled with useful information about dual citizenship, how to legally obtain multiple passports, which countries are good contenders for foreign investment and those that offer a great quality of life. Becoming a Permanent Tourist is the only way to escape the broken systems created by governments and society in our home countries that want to control us and keep us down, limit our capacity to build wealth, and live as free, cultured, international citizens.

Get the book to learn how.

How To Think Like A Tycoon: Your Guide to FIRE! Kindle Edition
by Dr. Peter Taradash (Author), Jonathan D. Braswell (Editor)

A wealth building classic, How To Think Like A Tycoon outlines in detail the timeless methods showing how to start from nothing and build a fortune in real estate. The principles and techniques explained here will help in any business endeavor. Unlike other get rich books written by people who made all their money by selling books and online courses, this book is by a man who actually walks the walk.

My book, Think Like A Tycoon would probably help you to become the richest person in your town – in a few years. It worked for my girlfriend. She found a run-down property that fit my specs, fixed it up, & sold it. She is now independently wealthy – It took persistence and a year. But using my techniques, she made enough profit on one deal to never have to work again. Easy as Pie, YOU can do it too if you read this book!

Eternal Life: Your Secret Path To Heaven Kindle Edition
by Dr. Peter Taradash (Author), Jonathan D. Braswell (Editor)

Most people are unaware of their options for an Eternal Life
And a Painless Journey into the hereafter.
With this book you can use often-secret information
To create your own destiny. Read on!