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Dec 11, 2020
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[Note from LaurentG]

I removed some parts of the original text because they are not true.

False nazi quotes :

But if you want to read the original text, I put the source link of the article at the bottom.

[End of note from LaurentG]


Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico


The basic concepts are perennial in their attraction to those who seek to dominate:

Create an uber class of those who are highly positioned in both industry and politics.

Cripple the middle class economically, so that they no longer have the power to make their own life decisions.

Offer dramatically increased dependency on the State as a relief from the economic hardship created by the state.

Remove freedoms, in trade for the promise of largesse from the State.

Institute a police state and totalitarian rule to ensure that the new paradigm will be lasting.

Once controls are fully implemented and the populace has become dependent on the new system, begin to remove the promised entitlements.

The idea behind this final bullet point is that, once the population is thoroughly dependent upon the state, they will have lost the power to object or rebel if entitlements are removed. They are then fully dominated.

Of course, if any individual were to read the above menu, he would immediately say, "No way!" and reject the program outright. Therefore, if such an oppressive regime were to be imposed upon a people, it would need to be sold to them as a benefit, not as virtual enslavement.


But today, the jurisdictions listed above are now solidly in the completion stage of bullet point #2 and have begun to provide the offer of bullet point #3: the promised solution to the populace.

And so, we return to our poster boy for totalitarianism: Klaus Schwab.

His fame has been earned through his creation and chairmanship of the World Economic Forum (WEF). Over the last half century, the WEF has grown in influence to become one of the foremost leaders in the proposition of a New World Order.


Professor Schwab’s video offers an idyllic state in which people can rid themselves of all the personal debt, the political upheaval and the social unrest that is now expanding so rapidly.

The proposed solution is that you sign over your right to own possessions on a permanent basis, in trade for a life in which there is minimal responsibility. The world government will provide you with a basic income. You will rent whatever you need – a residence, a vehicle, appliances, even your clothing.

Most importantly, as can be seen from the countenance of the citizen in the image above, you’ll be happy.

There will be no more wars. A "handful of countries" will rule the world cooperatively. There will be no waiting for medical attention. "There will be a global price on carbon" emissions. (This states that those who use fossil fuels – everyone – will be taxed for its use, although no explanation is given as to how this keeps the world from ending in twelve years due to emissions, as globalists claim.)

The government will have full control of every aspect of your life, plus the task of removing any obstacles to your happiness.

Sounds wonderful. Where do I sign up?

But if we stop and think for a moment, we might wish to ask a few questions.

For one thing, you give up all rights at the beginning of the deal. You will have lost all your possessions and all your freedoms. You will be 100% dependent upon the state. Their part of the deal is to be delivered on the back end.

But once you’re totally dependent and can no longer extricate yourself from the deal, there’s nothing to stop them from removing the punch bowl... Oh-oh.

All the things that were promised may be withdrawn one at a time, until you’re both subservient and impoverished. You will lack the ability to rebel or even to complain.

For generations, political leaders have offered empty promises that were never kept. Conservative and liberal political leaders alike have consistently made a grand show of disagreeing with each other on what form of governance might serve the people best. Yet, somehow, the result, no matter which group theoretically holds the reins of power at any given time, has always been a larger, more powerful government and a populace that was increasingly robbed of its freedoms – social, political and economic.

We are now at the very turning point at which much of the former Free World is being tempted to make the leap into the "Brave New World."

All the social, political and economic problems that presently exist have been caused by political leaders. They are now asking you to trust them to end those problems.

The promise is a simple one: You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy.

But you’re not required to sign up. All you need do is sit still and accept the transformation to totalitarianism as it plays out.

Nothing could be simpler.

Source : ... ur-freedom
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