Find A Need In A Market And Fill It

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Find A Need In A Market And Fill It

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Find A Need In A Market And Fill It

Written by Peter Taradash

Would you like to be able to move anywhere in the world and within a short time be able to establish yourself in a comfortable upper-middle-class style?

If this is your long term goal or an immediate need, by the time you finish this article you’ll know exactly how to do it. For those who have no time to read the entire post and want it in just a few words, here they are: Find A Need And Fill It

Speed readers and dilettantes may now move on to other things. For those who are serious, we will now go on with the details.

Make sure the need you are going to fill requires no special license, permits, or educational background.

Try to find a field of endeavor that does not require you to acquire any fixed or expensive assets.

We are talking about avoiding (at first) things like real estate, production facilities, machinery, transport equipment (trucks, planes, boats, etc.), or even expensive offices or stores.

And by acquire, we mean ownership or leasing. It should be possible for you to support yourself and your family in a grand style without the responsibility of owning or managing any property or employees.

Stick to a business that has no upper limit on earnings. If you own a restaurant, there is a physical limit to how many times you can serve lunch or dinner to a given number of tables. If you are selling restaurant franchises or any other tangible or intangible replicated product there is no limit to how much you can make.

Whatever you do should be do-able in many places internationally. There should be both a need and a demand for the product or service that is not purely local.

Go into something that doesn’t require too much expertise, unless you happen to be an expert in something already.

Try to do something that is so “out of the ordinary” that there is little or no effective competition in the field.

On the other hand, in some fields, the demand is so strong that you can keep busy, even though others perform the same services.

For instance: Handymen who do home repairs, painting, and especially plumbing repairs. Another category: Computer nerds who can set up and maintain websites, assist with blogs, and deal effectively with software problems.

What you do should have a relatively low profile to discourage jealousy, regulation, imitation, and interference in your operation by thieves, thugs (who may insist you buy “protection”), bureaucrats, or others who, like the thugs, might wish to horn in on your thing.

Make it something you enjoy doing, something creative, interesting, and, last but not least, lucrative.

Whatever you do, don’t be so committed that you can’t abandon the whole thing and move on without emotional scars or financial losses you can’t afford.

The above rules tell you what to stay out of, and the uninitiated might say, “It appears, all that’s left is to get a job…”

The last rule is:

Don’t get a job.

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